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What people have said about the Museum on Trip Advisor


What people have had to say recently about the Museum on Trip Advisor:


“Unlike many museums that have a "clinical" feel or pad their displays that have few genuine items with too much text, this has very rich and informative displays loaded with actual gear. It is also curated by actual veterans (who guide / describe items to you if they are about). The sheer volume of items on display has to be seen to be believed. It's truly a hidden gem of the Gold Coast.”


“Children are working on assignments for school and found this museum very informative. The items for sale are very competitively priced too.”


“I love my war history and this place is full of cool knick knacks. Being attached to the skirmish field is a plus, but I would always come early and spend 30mins wondering around the museum first. Also cool items to buy at the front desk.”


“They have so much history there, lots of memorabilia. Lots of things to see and read, all wars. Goes right back to the Boer War to Afghanistan. Well worth the visit.”


“School holidays have started so wanted to do something with the kids plus show my Uncle around who is visiting from NSW. This place is fantastic. The sheer amount of memoribilia boggles the mind. Absolutley everything you could imagine regarding anything or everytjing to do with warfare past or present. Just amazing. We did 3 laps and were still finding things we hadnt previously noticed. I would love to come back with the luxury of more time and go through it all again.”


“This is the best collection of war memorabilia we have ever seen. An amazing private collection! We took our teenage son who has an interest in anything military and thoroughly enjoyed it ourselves.”


“The staff were friendly and helpful. Found lots of useful info not previously found at other museums. Many items for sale for those who are interested. The visit was enjoyed by all the family.”


“This was a very interesting museum, there is a bit to interest everyone, whether it is the role of women in the forces, war dogs, flying helmets, first aid kits to gas masks for babies.”


“A very interesting place. It is up to you how much time you want to spend there. A quick look or take your time reading all the information about conflicts from different parts of the world, there a rifles and guns, bayonets,uniforms, torpedoes, mini subs and much more. We got a chance to sit in a helicopter.”


“Did not expect as good as most of the attractions on the gold coast are a rip off, this museum is great with in depth exposition of war artefacts. one of the first time i was impressed.”

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